Runway Classes &
Private Runway Sessions

These classes are offered to males and females. Participants will receive tips and knowledgeable information about the runway. As well as why core is so important for balance and posture when runway walking. In this class models will learn 4 different walks – along with pace for each, confidence, stage presence, posture, poise, balance, posing, and turns. Female bring 2 pair of heels (minimum 3in.) and males bring 1 pair of shoes. (5yrs old & up). We do offer private sessions for those who prefer 1-on-1 training.

Posing Classes

It is extremely important for models of every age to be comfortable in front of the camera. Taking great pictures is a must in the modeling or entertainment industry. An individuals photographs display ones level of experience and help you stand out. A weak portfolio, comp card, or headshot can in some cases allow you to miss out on a big opportunity. Having different facial expressions with a variety of poses takes your pictures to the next level, allowing you to get the right shots.

Model Talk Class

MODEL TALK social gathering is the opportunity for models of all races, genders, heights, sizes, and interest to talk about the industry and network. Ask questions and get answers. This class provides the opportunity for each individual to learn everything a model should know about the fashion industry. We discuss types of modeling. As well as the importance of resumes, portfolios, comp cards, and how to create them.

Mock Sessions

MOCK SESSIONS gives models and even parents a foot forward, by providing detailed information about the do’s and dont’s with photographers, makeup artists, designers, hairstylist, production, and creative directors. Instructions for castings, go-sees, auditions and how to dress, and conduct yourself at certain events in the industry. The investment responsibility for each model to get started and maintain your career in the industry. The lack of this knowledge can hurt a model by putting them in the position to be scammed and/or miss an opportunity to be signed or even stay signed.

Kid/Teen Runway Classes

Kid/Teen Runway Classes have become a high demand and was created to assist youth models of the industry. Giving each child the tools to become the next big name of generations to come. So parents, family and friends this is your chance to get your little ones ready to not only walk the runway but also confidently get in front of an agency in hopes of being signed. (ages 5-14)

Model Development Packages

Core of the Runway’s Model Development Packages are for both males and females. The packages cover multiple classes with an optional photo shoot. They are designed to develop and mold each model to thrive in the modeling industry. Allowing them to stand out and have an upper hand in reaching their desired goals. By knowing the proper etiquette, knowledge, and techniques in every area of the industry. How to avoid scams, what a model’s investment responsiblities are, and how to know the difference.

Adult Model Development Package:

10 Classes

• Ages: 18 & up

• Female and Males

• 1 Model Talk

• 1 Pose Class

• 1 Mock Session

• 1 Core Fitness Session

• 6 Runway Classes

Teen Model Development Package:

10 Classes

• Ages: 12 – 17

• Girls and Boys

• 1 Model Talk with parent & teen

• 1 Pose Class

• 1 Mock Session with parent & teen

• 1 Core Fitness Session

• 6 Runway Classes

Kid Model Development Package:

6 Classes

• Ages: 5 – 11

• Girls and Boys

• 1 Model Talk with parent

• 1 Pose Class

• 1 Mock Session with parent

• 3 Runway Classes

Helping you forge your own path
in the modeling industry